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CORONA affect whole world. #IndiaFightCorona

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Child education

Child Education is main aim of SAUMEG


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Who we are

Saumeg Seva Trust is making an important contribution towards strengthening the identity and visibility of internal migrant workers and their families. view more

Help For Children Disability!

Saumeg ensures that children and people living with disabilities overcome barriers. Saumeg Breaks down barriers and negative attitudes;facilitates social integration and cohesion in communities.

recent causes

Blood Donation bareilly

Blood Donation Camp

Saumeg Seva Trust organized one day Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with the Shri Sant Hospital, Bareilly on 24 February 2019. The camp was formally inaugrated by Umesh Gautam, Mayor of Bareilly along with Saurabh Singh Tomar, trustee of Saumeg Seva trust, Dr. Saurabh Goyal..

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Saumeg Seva Trust organized tree replantation in, Bareilly on 5 October 2019. The formally inaugrated by Umesh Gautam, Mayor of Bareilly along Saurabh Singh Tomar, trustee of Saumeg Seva trust, Mayank Agarwal, Indrajeet Gandhi, Rajan Singh Tomar, MD Singh, Nayan Tomar,Mahesh...

tree plantation

Corona Help Ration Donation

Trustees of Saumeg Seva Trust to distribute ration to Corona victim.

tree plantation

Clothes for child

This winter season there is so cold; when we are covered heel to peak with warm clothes. But some poor people are unable to wear a single piece of clothes. So we donate some warm woolen clothes and a bedsheet for them. Our small step can change their life style..

tree plantation

Health camp

Good health is a challenge for poor people, as we know that if there is no good balance diet we can't get good health. And the medicines are so expensive. As a result, poor people can't afford these medicines. sometimes they die. So from time to time, we organize health camps for poor people.

Free food for the poor people!

Help the poor and needy people with us. You can keep a long smile on their face who is sad for food, clothes, and other daily needs. Let's change the life of them. So please donate now.

Our Projects

tree plantation

Child Education

Education is the right of all children. As we know that children are the future of our nation. So if children would be educated then the nation would be strong. So Saumeg Seva Trust tries to educate poor children.

blood donation

Differently Abled

Most disable children are dependent on others. We try to make them dependent and self-confident then they can live independently.

food donation

Health & Nutrition

Saumeg Seva Trust provides food and clothes for those who are unable to purchase their daily needs. We are together with them at each step.